Transform Classroom Walls Into Functional Surfaces

Want to make the most of your classroom? Well then, why not ditch traditional whiteboards and update your classroom walls instead?

There are plenty of products to choose from and also range of functionalities to choose from. Magnetic, whiteboard and projection. It all depends on what best fits your needs.

Think you might be interested in updating your classroom walls? Then check out some of our suggestions below for how you can do it.

Transform Classroom Walls Into Whiteboards

First off, what about whiteboard walls?

Unlike traditional whiteboards, by adding Whiteboard Paint to your classroom walls you won’t have to worry about size restrictions. Your entire wall can be a whiteboard.

No matter how tall or small your students are, they’ll have plenty of space to write upon.

Draw up equations, write up homework. List essay plans. There are thousands of ways to make use of your classroom walls.

Are you hesitant about whiteboard surfaces after dealing with ghosting issues in the past?

Then choose Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering. This writable wallpaper is quick to install, ready to use in just 24 hours and comes with a non ghosting guarantee.

Transform Classroom Walls Into Magnetic Surfaces

Maybe magnetic functionality is more your thing. We have a range of magnetic products for you to choose from, it all depends on what you are looking for.

Choose Magnetic Paint for a cost effective magnetic surface which is perfect for sticking up pieces of paper.

You can create a classroom notice board to keep track of everything going on during the week. What about a progress wall that each student can update?

That way everyone can get involved.

Looking for a stronger magnetic surface? Then choose Smart Magnetic Plaster or Smart Magnetic Wallcovering.

Smart Magnetic Plaster has a magnetite content of 67%, making it the strongest magnetic product in our range. Smart Magnetic wallcovering comes in a white finish, pre-primed and will be ready to use in just 48 hours.

So what do you think? Are you ready to update your classroom walls and transform them into functional surfaces?

If so, then check out some of the products mentioned above here.

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