6 Tips to Turn Your Office Into a Workplace

Saul Bass once said, “Design is thinking made visual.”  Smart businesses use design as a tool to communicate their brand values and engage clients.

In the workplace, a considered approach to interior design can inspire and aligns your company values with your staff. Envoys commercial furniture solutions help tuning the nature your brands culture.

Here are six ways you can turn your office into an innovation workspace enhancing creative agency, inspiring collaboration and organic decision-making.


1. Framery O Solution for concentrated work & privacy

Stepping into a space that clearly feels like an incubated environment can help concentrate your thoughts to a specific task or important phone-call. Envoy’s Framery O is a fully-optioned booth that can be exploited by staff for privacy, as well as countering the well-documented effect from noise pollution toward productivity in open plan offices.


2. Framery Q Pointed one-on-one dialogue

When your engaging in a one-on-one collaboration, there are several psychological reasons the dialogue would benefit from a professionally insulated space. Envoy’s Framery Q offers a bubble within the working environment where pointed conversations are treated with comfort and privacy.


3. JDD Bob Booths Off-the-cuff collaboration

A fluid work environment that caters to impromptu sit-downs can propel collaboration in fruitful and unexpected ways. JDD’s Bob Booths are portable dens that inspire off-the-cuff conversations that break up the rigidity and structure of working in an office.



4. Enscribe Mobile Magnetic Glass Enhance collaboration and collation / sharing / dissemination  of visual information

Whether you think in words or images, articulating your ideas to others is often the best way to clarify them. Enscribe’s Mobile magnetic glass offers seamless presentation options through a display that integrates aesthetically with the layout of your space.


5. ‘SMIT Visual ‘ Chameleon Opening up a flow of ideas, together

In meetings, brainstorming can be a pivotal tool that allows participants to think in conjunction with the ideas being presented – giving life to a synergy of thoughts that naturally flow on from collaboration. Chameleon’s Smit Visual, encourages staff to actively draw on the tables of board rooms – triggering conversations and opening up strategies as a team.




6. Zilenzio Acoustic Screen Creatively contribute to the ambience for concentration

Disrupting the noise in open plan offices can help balance the collaborative nature of the workplace while fuelling concentration and productivity. Zilenzio’s Acoustic Screen distills the clutter of a noisy ambience with decorative screens that curtail the rooms reverberations.