Framery Phone & Meeting Pods

Work in an open-plan office?

You need a Framery pod.

Open-floor plans are a reality in today’s modern office world.

Unfortunately, they also have one major negative.

The noise.

We want to work closely with architects and designers ­– and together we can make every day of office life happier.


Open plan offices are great, but…

50% of the people who work at an open plan office reported that the lack of sound privacy is the most frustrating aspect of their work environment.

Studies show that noise can lower productivity significantly, by an average of 10%.

Distractions at an office environment are mainly due to phone calls and random meetings that take place in open plan offices.

Overheard conversations have the most interruptive effect on workflow.

Framery pods decrease noise and make everyday office life happier.

Framery is a true pioneer in the industry.

Framery pods are technically advanced, loaded with the latest innovations – from patented air ventilation to superior sound isolation technology.

Framery O

Hundred percent efficiency, zero disturbance.

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Framery Q

Your teamwork is about to get better.

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Framery 2Q

Double your efficiency, meet the 2Q

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