Framery Pod Placement Guide

Pod Placement Guide

Whether you are designing a totally new office, or planning on placing Framery pods in an existing floor plan, the following guide will help you to understand how to best place each individual Framery pod, and what shared benefits they may bring.

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1. Provide enough pods

It is essential.

Framery have studied and found that the primary obstacle of using pods is their limited number.

In the beginning, 1 Framery O for every 10 employees and 1 Framery Q for every 15 employees is often sufficient.

2. Consider the users needs

Employees, teams and the natural flow of work is the basis of pod placing – not the floor plan.


3. Create Activity Zones

A functioning workplace consists of different activity zones that are derived from the needs of the employees.

4. Place near users

Locating close to the user is important for many reasons.

If the pod is too far away, employees:

can’t see with if the pod is occupied or not.

may feel that they’re becoming isolated from their colleagues.

will have more difficulties in carrying their laptops, papers and tools to the pod.

won’t have time to answer quickly to an incoming call.

5. New ways of working

Change in the work environment is a change in the way of working.

When the pod is installed and ready to use, encourage your employees to actively use the pod in their daily work.

Try to be active and adopt new methods to workplace culture.

6. Details

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

Consider some practical details when placing the pod.

The pod’s door should be pointing to an optimal direction, towards the targeted groups, to invite more people in.

Unorthodox placing. The pod should be where people are – be it then the cafeteria or the office. A good place for a pod is along the people flows.

Make sure that it is easy to see whether the pod is free to use.

Ensure that there is enough floor space around the pod.